Four Car Features To Look For When Buying A Car As An Uber Driver


Buying a new car presents a big world of choice when it comes to the make, model and colour of your future vehicle. But, as an Uber driver, you also need to keep the comfort of your future passengers in mind. For example, purchasing a two-door car is not a wise decision as passengers don't want to climb into the back seat. So, what car features should you be considering before you head to the car dealership like Rebel Ford?

29 July 2016

Tips to Follow When Purchasing a Used Luxury Car


Thanks to depreciation in car value, people who cannot afford to purchase brand new luxury cars can also enjoy luxury and comfort on the cheap by buying used luxury cars. Even though they are relatively cheaper, used luxury cars do not come with the same kind of safety and performance guarantee that their brand new counterparts offer. For that reason, it is important to exercise a greater level of diligence when you are buying a used luxury car.

11 May 2016