Car Rental Tips


Car hire prevents the hassles of public transport when travelling abroad or when your vehicle breaks down. When hiring a car, thorough assessments will help you choose an appropriate vehicle and a reputable rental company. Below is a guide with some car rental insights. 

Choose a Suitable Car 

Car rental companies have a vast catalogue of cars comprising SUVs, saloons, wagons, and pick-up trucks. Examine your travel needs to determine which vehicle suits you best. For instance, do you need luggage space? What transmission do you prefer? Are ground clearance and 4WD capabilities a priority? How many passengers will be on board? Do you need luxury features such as a sunroof or cruise control? Then, conduct a comparative comparison of the various car models to establish a reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle. 

If Possible, Book Early

Book the rental car a few weeks before your trip. This way, the company has an extensive catalogue since most vehicles will be available. Moreover, most rental companies charge cheaper for early bookings. It is vital to assess the company's booking policy before booking the car. For instance, will you receive the booking fee if you postpone or cancel the trip? What percentage does the company need as a booking fee? The secret is to consider companies that charge the least booking fee. 

Vet the Rental Company

Vet the rental company to determine whether you will enjoy its services. Some concerns include; 

  • How do previous clients rate the car rental services? When assessing reviews, be cautious since some could be biased. Moreover, widen your research to travel blogs since they often give unbiased reviews.
  • Does the company limit the area you can drive the vehicle? For instance, some car rental companies could prohibit you from crossing state boundaries.
  • What packages does the rental company provide? For example, some companies organise discounted rates to tourist destinations while others offer VIP access to entertainment joints. 

Cost Saving Strategies

Some innovative strategies will help you save costs as you rent the car. For instance, ensure that you work with reputable travel agencies or with the car rental company directly. Some unscrupulous third-party providers could increase the rental charges. You might not need car rental insurance if your credit card or travel insurance includes a car rental insurance policy. If your vehicle is under repairs, contact your car insurance company to know if your standard motor vehicle coverage caters to car rental insurance. Finally, avoid fines. For example, return the vehicle on time and do not damage the rental car. 

Car rental tips include choosing a car, vetting the car hire company, and observing the recommended cost-saving strategies.  


16 May 2022

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