Four Car Features To Look For When Buying A Car As An Uber Driver


Buying a new car presents a big world of choice when it comes to the make, model and colour of your future vehicle. But, as an Uber driver, you also need to keep the comfort of your future passengers in mind. For example, purchasing a two-door car is not a wise decision as passengers don't want to climb into the back seat. So, what car features should you be considering before you head to the car dealership like Rebel Ford? These four pointers will help to steer you in the right direction.

Car Size Matters

While it is not uncommon to call for an Uber driver for a small party of passengers, a larger group of Uber riders may be left waiting if there is more than four people in their group. To cater for a niche number of riders, consider purchasing a 7-seat SUV as your new vehicle of choice.

As well as catering for groups of 5-7 passengers with an SUV, the third row of seats in this type of vehicle can be folded up to give you a larger boot space than that of a sedan. A bigger boot opens up the appeal of your vehicle to those people who are heading to the airport with a number of suitcases.

Eyecatching Car Colour

Recent data shows that white is still the most popular colour for a car in Australia with close to 30% of buyers purchase a car in this colour. Silver, grey and black make up another 47% of the colour market. Practical reasons dictate why these colours are popular, but you want a car that stands out so your prospective passenger quickly notices it on the street.

Therefore, instead of choosing the same as everyone else, chose racy red or a vibrant shade of blue in order to get noticed. The easier it is for your passenger to find you, the better the odds of picking up their repeat business.

Leather Or Fabric Seats?

Leather seats will give your car a little air of luxury, and they remain cooler than vinyl seats during the summer months because the material is porous. Leather fabric absorbs moisture whereas hot vinyl seats do not and this is why vinyl sticks to legs and hurts them.

Leather seats are also more resilient than vinyl which means they will stand up to the rigours of people getting in and out of your car. However, the negative of leather seats is they will increase the cost of your vehicle. The increase in cost price depends on the make and model of the car you are looking at and how many seats the car has. Your car dealer can give you specific details about the price difference.

Fuel Cost

The running cost of your car needs to be taken into account before you visit the car dealership, especially as you are planning to do a lot of driving in it. The engine size and fuel type will impact on how much you need to spend each week to keep the car running. There are pros and cons for both the 4-cylinder and the V-6 engines, so you need to decide which one works best for you.

A 4-cylinder car uses less petrol than a V-6 driving force, but it does have to work harder on driving up and down hills. A hard-working engine means you will need to keep on top of the maintenance for this car. A V-6 engine, by comparison, spreads the load across two extra cylinders so it tackles all types of driving with ease, but it will use a few dollars more of petrol each week.

When you keep these four pointers in mind before heading to the car dealership, you can be confident of finding a new car that both you and your passengers will enjoy. The more popular your vehicle is, the better the chance your passengers will ask to use your services again and again. This repeat business will help to make sure you have no problems meeting future car payments.


29 July 2016

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